Our Buyer Services

Selecting a realtor is an important first step when buying a property. Your  North Myrtle Beach realtor is responsible for keeping your best interests in mind at all times, advising and counseling you every step of the way. We are pledged to operate according to the highest professional and ethical standards.

The lifestyle here is laid back, unhurried and more relaxing. It is a matter of pride to us that we make your Myrtle Beach real estate shopping, a positive and enjoyable experience. Life is too short, not to enjoy the journey.

We understand that understanding the lifestyle our Clients are looking for can be just as important as the home/condo itself. Our agents have the knowledge, and experience necessary to meet the needs of the most demanding real estate Buyers.

Personal service is our niche in the market.

  1. Absolute commitment to protecting your confidentiality and privacy.
  2. Experience and an eye for detail and quality.
  3. Market Knowledge.
  4. Assistance with helping you to understand the Local Home Buying process.
  5. Willingness to stay with you and your search as long as necessary to find the Real Estate that is right for you.
  6. Loan Pre-Qualification Assistance. All Clients should seek pre-approved by a Lender of their choice or to provide proof of funds to close a Cash transaction. I can assist with referring you to experienced Lenders. Pre-Approval determines whether you qualify for a Loan and, if so, in what amount. Verification of Pre-Approval is highly desirable when negotiating an Offer to purchase.
  7. Comprehensive Property search in order to present all properties that meet your criteria. We utilize the Multiple Listing System (MLS), For Sale by Owner Databases, and information about Auctions and private sales to locate properties of interest to you.
  8. Visiting properties. When you’ve defined your home search criteria, we will arrange property showings and keep track of the properties that we’ve visited.
  9. Negotiating Skills.
  10. Facilitation and Management of Transaction Elements, including, but not limited to:
    Financing Commitments
  11. Preparation and Presentation of the Purchase Offer and Contract, including Deposits.
  12. Home Inspections (including Structure, Mold, Termite, Pool, Seawall, Dock, etc.) and Property Survey if required.
  13. Homeowners’ or Condo Association Applications
  14. Assistance with Securing Quotes for and obtaining Home Insurance
  15. Dealing with Special Contingencies


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